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When there isn't enough rain, when you don't have the time, a sprinkler system has you covered. Irrigation sprinkler systems can be installed in both new and existing lawns, and cover special applications such as automatic rain detection, vegetable garden watering, and drip heads.


Sprinkler System Design

We'll design your sprinkler system by considering the following factors:

  • Size and shape of lawn that needs watering.
  • Type of sensitive plants and vegetable gardens that require drip heads.
  • Existing sprinkler system and plumbing system.
  • Residential or commercial water pressure.


These factors will affect the type, number, and location of sprinkler heads that must be installed. They also affect the type of cycle that must be implemented.

For example, if you have a large lawn, you may require 8 sprinkler heads. But your water pressure is not high enough to allow all 8 sprinkler heads to spray water simultaneously. Resultantly, we would design a cycle where four sprinkler heads spray water for 15 minutes, and then the remaining four would spray water for 15 minutes.


Special Applications

Drip Heads - drip heads allow tiny drops of water to reach plant roots. This allows your plants to receive a continuous flow of water, without causing them to dry out, get flooded, or waste water. Drip head technology also allows you to deliver fertilizer, pesticides, or other chemicals in exact doses. The advantages are clear: reduced labour costs, uniform water distribution, no soil erosion, and no wasted fertilizer.

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Rain Sensors - these sensors save you water and money by shutting off your sprinkler system when they detect rain.

Freeze Sensors - these sensors protect your sprinkler system from freezing by shutting it off when it gets cold.


Product Supply & Maintenance

We supply and install Rain Bird spray heads, nozzles, timers, rotor sprinklers, impact sprinklers, valves, and drip irrigation systems.

We perform regular maintenance and repairs on all types of sprinkler systems.

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