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Retaining Walls


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We design and construct retaining walls for decorative and structural purposes. Retaining walls are commonly used to prevent soil from collapsing, and as flower beds. Our retaining wall blocks are supplied by Allan Block and Expocrete.

Decorative Retaining Walls

Many functions and features, including:

  • Flower beds.
  • Fire pits.
  • Staircases.
  • Lighting blocks, which can be installed and electrically connected.
  • Retaining wall blocks are available in many styles and colors.
  • Walls can be built in many shapes and patterns in order to match existing landscaping and walkways.
  • Walls do not have to be constructed with pre-fabricated blocks; natural rock and stone walls are also available.


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Natural Stone Retaining Walls
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Structural Retaining Walls

If you live on a lake, your yard will greatly benefit from a structural retaining wall. Many such yards have steep slopes, which make them impossible to stand on, place furniture, or play sports. A retaining wall transforms your yard by introducing flat surfaces. These walls are available in many shapes, colors, and patterns. Additionally, some properties will not receive final grade approval unless retaining walls are constructed to prevent their soil from collapsing.

Structural retaining walls can also be used as fences. They can be constructed with only retaining wall blocks, or in combination with other fencing products.

When constructing a structural retaining wall, a number of factors must be considered:

  • Type of soil where wall will be constructed.
  • Amount of soil pressure acting upon the wall.
  • Location and types of anchors and reinforcements.
  • Amount of soil that must be removed or introduced.
  • Water drainage and location of drains or swales.

Structural Retaining Walls
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Retaining Wall Fences
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