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Grass Removal


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When your lawn is not cooperating, we rip it out and take it away. And we'll never see it again. Then we put something new in its place. This could be a natural lawn, an artificial lawn, a garden, or trees.


Why is your grass so ugly? There are several reasons:

1. Too Many Weeds. Weeds compete with your grass for water, air, and nutrients. And they usually win. The result: your grass dies.

2. Dog Urine. Dog urine (especially female dog urine) turns your grass yellow.

3. Not Enough Water.

4. Bad Soil. Soil won't let your grass grow if it is compacted, has a high pH, or contains little nutrients.

Sometimes these problems can be corrected with simple treatments; you do not always have to resort to replacing your grass. But if you do not care about your grass, replacing it won't help. After we replace it, your lawn will look good for a year or two, and then it will go back to being as ugly as it was before.


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