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Natural Grass


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There are two options for natural grass: seed or sod. Sod involves transplanting pre-grown 'sheets' of grass onto your soil. Seed involves planting grass seeds and waiting for them to grow.


What is the difference?

  • Seeds are cheaper than sod, and take less time to install. A typical lawn takes a day to sod, but only a couple of hours to seed.
  • Seeds come in thousands of varieties, but sod's selection is limited. Typically, most sod is of the Blue Grass variety.
  • But, a lawn started with seeds takes years to become fully established, while a lawn started with sod is instantly available and looks beautiful within two weeks.


Seed Installation Steps:

Step 1. Perform weed control.

Step 2. Loosen up your soil at the surface, and ensure that it is level so that water does not collect.

Step 3. Add the correct fertilizer.

Step 4. Spread grass seed over the soil, at a rate of 16 seeds per square inch (depends on the type of seed).

Step 5. Cover the seeds with a thin layer of soil (1/16").

Step 6. Add a special moisture-retaining product to ensure that your soil retains water.

Typically, we plant grass seed in the spring and fall.



Sod Installation Steps:

Step 1. Perform weed control.

Step 2. Verify that the soil does not have any drainage problems, and is level.

Step 3. Ensure that the soil has correct pH and nutrient levels. If there is an issue, we add limestone, fertilizer, and organic material (if soil has too much sand).

Step 4. Rake soil.

Step 5. Water soil.

Step 6. Lay sod, making sure to stagger pieces like bricks, and fill gaps with soil.

Step 7. Push a roller across the sod.

Step 8. Water sod until it is soaked through.

After: Sod must be watered heavily the next few weeks, and mowed on a regular basis. Sod must also be fertilized. If we are installing sod in the fall, waiting until the following spring to cut the grass is acceptable.

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