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Fences usually do not require permits. If you want to build a fence that is taller than 6', you may need a permit.



If you want to build the fence yourself, we will help you select a fence type, drill the post holes for you, and install and cement the posts. Some types of fence posts can be pounded into the ground, and do not require pre-drilling or concrete.


Complete Fence Service

We'll design and build the entire fence for you. Fences are available in many styles.


Vinyl Fences

Vinyl fences are available in many styles, from simple railings to complete privacy. They last a lifetime and are maintenance free.

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Chain Link Fences

Chain link fences are available in galvanized steel or in many colors. Adding slats (which are available in several colors) to your fence provides privacy.

For commercial use, chain link fences are the best option, and can be topped with barbed wire. Chain link fences are also used in tennis courts and baseball diamonds. Chain link fences are maintenance free.

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Iron Fences

Iron fences make your property appear sophisticated and unique. They are available in many styles and can be customized to your tastes.

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Wooden Fences

We almost forgot to mention wooden fences. Did you know that wooden fences still exist?

Wooden fences are all natural, are available in an unlimited number of styles, and can be painted or stained. When constructed from pressure-treated wood, wooden fences do not require any maintenance. Painting is optional. When constructed from cedar, fences must be painted or stained. Stains may have to be reapplied each year.

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Manual gates are available for all fence types, and are recommended for home use. All manual gates can be locked with a padlock. Electronic gates can be unlocked with a proximity card, a wireless remote control, a PIN pad, or a telephone. Gates are unlocked electronically, and can open automatically. Automatic gates can be installed to roll against the fence line if space is limited. We also install cantilever gates, which open upwards.

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