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When it comes to decks, you could say that we're "dexperts". Sorry. But a deck is a great place to have a barbecue, relax, watch the birds, or take a nap.

Before constructing a deck, you must obtain a permit. Before obtaining a permit, you must provide the city with a blueprint. The city will make sure that your deck meets all applicable building codes. These include having railing, an adequate foundation, and an adequate support structure.


Deck Piles

All decks need "piles". To make a pile, we drill a hole in the ground. The depth of the hole is between 4' and 12', depending on how heavy your deck will be. We fill this hole with concrete and steel re-bars. Once the concrete dries, you can build the deck on top of your piles.

Deck Posts, which are attached to deck piles

Different Types of Deck Piles



If you want to build the deck yourself, we will design your deck, provide you with a list of materials, and make piles for you. Then you can build the deck yourself.


Complete Deck Service

We'll design and build the entire deck for you. Decks have many options:

Deck Flooring

Choose from many natural and synthetic floor options:

Composite Decking
These products are made from plastic fibers, and are available in many colors. They are inexpensive and require no maintenance, but they are easy to scratch and damage. Some are similar to wood in appearance, and some are not.
PVC Decking
PVC products are highly durable and are available in a wide variety of colors. Like composite materials, some PVC products are similar to wood in appearance, and some are not.
Aluminum Decking
Aluminum decking comes as a solid floor that covers the entire deck surface. It is durable and requires no maintenance. Additionally, as it is water-tight, the area below your deck remains dry, and can be used during rainy days. But aluminum decking has an unnatural appearance.
Pressure Treated Decking
This is natural wood that has been subjected to a chemical process, which allows it to resist mold and rot. Unfortunately, it has a green appearance. You can stain or paint it, but then you must re-stain or re-paint it each year. Also, its green color will show through most stains.
Cedar Decking
Cedar decking is completely natural and does not rot. But if you don't paint it or apply a clearcoat, it will weather.


Deck Accessories

We have many additions that will make the use of your deck more enjoyable:

Available as solid canopies and retractable fabric awnings.
Available in many shapes, sizes, and colors, planters allow you to plant flowers, tomatoes, and shrubs.


Hot Tubs


Deck Railing

Choose from several deck railing types, in hundreds of colors and styles:

Made from aluminum or steel, they are stylish and are available in many styles. But their wooden parts require maintenance.
Wood railings provide a natural look, but you must paint or stain them each year. Pressure-treated wood does not require painting, but it has a green appearance.

Wood railings are available in many styles, including spindles.
Composite materials require no maintenance and are similar in appearance to wood. You can obtain composite materials that match your decking.
Usually, glass is combined with metal or composite materials, and requires no maintenance.
Wire Cables
Cables provide a trendy look that your neigbours don't have.
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