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Artificial Grass


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Why choose artificial grass? It's always green and perfect. You never have to cut it, water it, rake it, fertilize it, or weed it. And it takes a lot of abuse. Heavy traffic causes natural grass to die, but artificial grass is unaffected. Artificial grass is coated with anti-bacterial chemicals, which prevent germs from growing on it. And it is available in many colors and textures. We can replace your natural lawn with something artificial that matches it.

But, like nearly everything natural, artificial grass can never be a perfect substitute for the real thing. Artificial grass is expensive, and it gets hot in the summer. Many types of artificial grass form a hard surface, and are therefore unsuitable for children.


Artificial Grass for Playgrounds

Since artificial grass forms a hard surface, artificial grass for playgrounds was developed to provide children with a safer environment. This grass is coated with anti-bacterial chemicals, and shock absorption padding is installed underneath, making it softer than natural turf.

This grass is soft, clean, dries within hours of a rainstorm, and requires no maintenance.

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